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Things I have learned….. 03/30/2009

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…..during my time in Italy.  I know I know I out did myself….two posts in one day….but I can’t help myself from sharing some of our hilarious adventures and what we have learned….

If you are unsure whether the ‘kind’ person who offers to take your photo is going to run away with your camera, it is best to stay on your bike…just in case…

Ally, Lea and I on a bridge in Pisa....still clipped in....just in case....

Ally, Lea and I on a bridge in Pisa....still clipped in....just in case....


If the maps make no sense and you can’t explain your needs in Italian or English….resort to huge charades….it works every time…..Lea is by far the best at this form of getting directions.

Two maps are better than one...right?

Two maps are better than one...right?

Many European races start with lunch together.  Our first experience was complete with bottles of wine and huge balls of mozzarella.

Ally, displaying the goods!

Ally, displaying the goods!


Last but not least (and sorry no pictures of this one)….showers at the end of races are best described by, what Lea called…prison showers.  A concrete room, with a few shower heads coming from the ceiling with cold water pouring down and a bunch of freezing cold, naked cyclist trying to get hot oil, vaseline and road grime scrubbed off before the water-activated hot oil gets too hot to handle while screaming “ouch hot, ouch hot” in 12 different languages,  then sprinting to your towel in a puddle of water to get the rest of the hot oil off (unsuccessfully), while shivering from the cold you are feeling all over the rest of your non-hot oiled body.  Say that all in one breath and that is a post-race shower in Europe.  And now it’s dinner time…


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2 Responses to “Things I have learned…..”

  1. Hagen Says:


    Stupendous work over there – being lost in Italy is great isn’t it. Good luck in Flanders, your chums will be keeping an eye on you.


  2. Little big Bro Says:

    Hey there big sis. Just checked out the blog for the first time and wow can’t believe you passed on the brains and tongue you must be getting soft. Any ways just thought i’d say congrats on the accomplishments over there and keep kicking some european arse. Teressa and I are stoaked for ya and keep on keepin on. Way to go

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